About Seapony

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What is Seapony?   it’s about dream.

Seapony was founded by an aspirational designer Jacqueline Law in Australia in 2009. During the downturn of the economy and the manufacturing crisis, not giving up her dream, Jacqueline overcame the obstacles and brought a new breath to the fashion industry by establishing the brand in the UK and contributing to a niche product category: Sports skirt.

Founder of Seapony: Jacqueline Law

Utilizing fine yarn and eco-friendly fabric, Seapony produces casual sportswear for teenagers who mix and match their fashion wardrobe to create elegant, stylish, sexy looks with a unique effect, and a little bit preppy! The garments, whilst fashionable, are most importantly comfortable. Comfort is achieved using fit technologies, soft fabrics, yarns, and next to skin layering.

Seapony girls love to talk about fashion, enjoy beach holidays, swimming in summer, and skiing in winter.

Are you on your way to your dream?  Come and join Seapony.