Comtemporary art & Fashion


Contributed by Moeva

Art and fashion these days unite a perfect liaison, some designers reflect their identities through art whilst sticking to the main essentials of Fashion Design. Contemporary approach reveals a more unique view when comparing to other domains of art, however, this works really well in terms of fashion and clothing. Even though these designs are not concerned about the utility aspect it works perfectly on the imagery. The basic rules of design are based on utility and want. Contemporary fashion works more on the “want” level, as it refers to the eye more than the “brain”. There are viewers and wearers, and with this aspect, the viewer is more active, just like it is with art. The viewer finds something from themselves in the design, completes it with their own identity, their own selves. The existentialist approach to fashion is what is highlighted with Contemporary Fashion. Emphasizing upon the design as a whole, not through structure but through ideology. Contemporary fashion and art have been working well together for the past years, and as the technology evolves, we are more likely to experience more of this existentialist ideology.

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